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If I haven't said it already, or enough, THANK YOU! I had NO idea I'd ever have the opportunity to be a part of pictures like these. I mean I thought I was doing good using Olan Mills. I will never look at photos done by Olan Mills, Walmart, JcPenney, or anywhere the same again. It was truly a dream to be apart of pictures that I thought only existed in the magazines. -Brandy

You are gifted and talented beyond words and I am just in AWE of your work. I can't get over it! The pictures are so beautiful and accomplishing a decent photo of me is astronomical – but you went beyond it. You made it beautiful! How can I begin to thank you for such an amazing gift? Thank you over and over and times ten thousand. -Sandy

If I needed to have photos of my children or of an event done, this would be whom I would choose. This is a passion for Amy and not just a moment's hobby. She has frozen many moments with the click of her power and has captured those times you might forget. Amy McDow is a wonderful mother, artist and teacher. It has been a honor viewing her work. -Stephanie

I can honestly say that everytime I have viewed Amy's work, my breath has been taken away by the artistic beauty! She is truly one talented mom! -Linda

Amy is truly a gifted photographer!!! She has an amazing eye for detail and puts her all into her work! My children LOVE posing for her! I have no doubt in my mind that no matter what you request of her, she can do it! Thanks Amy for all you do!!! -Melissa

Proud member of Professional Photographers of America