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In lieu of the traditional ”I love photography…I got my first camera when I was eight…yada, yada,” I am going to share a few random things about myself, because this will be much more fun for us both.

-I strongly believe that no ice cream is better than Blue Bell and that pork should never be considered barbecue.
-I saw Vanilla Ice in concert well after he melted…late 90s.
-I always have duct tape, nail glue and Sharpee markers on hand and I am not afraid to use them.
-I graduated “cum laude” from college, have had tons of student loans, and do absolutely nothing with my precious degree.
-I have a metal rod in my arm and a screw in my head.
-I was attacked by a group of Canadian geese while making out on a beach.
-I have never pierced my ears.
-I grew up in Waco, Texas and no, I am not a Branch Davidian (and have never known anyone that was).
-I went on a two-week bike-trip from Texas to Florida when I was a kid.
-I live in the home where I met my husband, kissed him for the first time, and married him.
-One year is as far as my memory goes back without assistance.
-I believe that actions are far more powerful than words and that the people who shout the loudest are usually the ones whose actions you need to watch the closest.
-I rarely share my opinions and never feel the need to debate anything. Life is just too short…I’d rather go swing on my front porch.

Some of the nice things said about my photography...

If I haven't said it already, or enough, THANK YOU! I had NO idea I'd ever have the opportunity to be a part of pictures like these. I mean I thought I was doing good using Olan Mills. I will never look at photos done by Olan Mills, Walmart, JcPenney, or anywhere the same again. It was truly a dream to be apart of pictures that I thought only existed in the magazines. -Brandy

You are gifted and talented beyond words and I am just in AWE of your work. I can't get over it! The pictures are so beautiful and accomplishing a decent photo of me is astronomical – but you went beyond it. You made it beautiful! How can I begin to thank you for such an amazing gift? Thank you over and over and times ten thousand. -Sandy

If I needed to have photos of my children or of an event done, this would be whom I would choose. This is a passion for Amy and not just a moment's hobby. She has frozen many moments with the click of her power and has captured those times you might forget. Amy McDow is a wonderful mother, artist and teacher. It has been a honor viewing her work. -Stephanie

I can honestly say that everytime I have viewed Amy's work, my breath has been taken away by the artistic beauty! She is truly one talented mom! -Linda

Amy is truly a gifted photographer!!! She has an amazing eye for detail and puts her all into her work! My children LOVE posing for her! I have no doubt in my mind that no matter what you request of her, she can do it! Thanks Amy for all you do!!! -Melissa

Proud member of Professional Photographers of America Proud Member of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals
Proud member of Professional Photographers of America
Proud member of the American Child Photographers Charity Guild
Proud member of VAAL ~ Visual Artists Alliance of LaGrange (GA)
Proud member of the Columbus Artist's Guild (GA)
Proud member of the Valley Arts Council (AL)
Proud supporter of New Horizon Theatre in West Point, GA
Proud member and supporter of the West Point Woman's Club (GA)
Proud supporter of Hawkes Library in West Point, GA